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_“Kang Wang lent his seemingly effortless tenor to an unforgettable ‘Che gelida manina’”

MD Theatre Guide

“His voice was intensely beautiful, and its scope was breathtakingly powerful in how far he could use it. In no sense is this voice a small one; there’s no strain to it and he can hold a note – and tail it off – magnificently. There was nothing linear about this singing, rather it was taken in a broad long arc; the care for detail was ear-catching. Singers don’t often become distractions for me in concert performances but Kang Wang did – and only in a very positive way.”

Opera Today

“His singing in the Requiem was a revelation. ‘Ingemisco’ was utterly assured, culminating in a clarion sustained B flat. Wang was charismatically good in the ‘Hostias’ in ‘Offertorio’, with an elegant, sustained trill that few tenors would risk. What an elegant young tenor Wang is; “

– Australian Book Review

“Tenor Kang Wang crested the waves of the Ingemisco with effortless power and projection but also displayed sensitivity when required. “

– The Age

“Wang’s voice was a revelation, his rich mellifluous tenor immediately grabbing my attention, so sure and confident, so true and expressive. His rendition of the Brindisi boldly captured the feelings he felt for Violetta, soon followed by his passionately sincere “Un di felice”, giving voice to the torture and delight he felt. I could imagine that the whole universe was indeed pulsing with his love … In Act 2, Wang’s “De’ miei bollenti spiriti”, pouring out his contentment, relaxed and at peace, conveyed the hopes of a young man in love.”

– Bachtrack

“This promising lyric tenor has now grown into possessing a most beautiful voice that has been likened to liquid gold. It is a near-perfect instrument that is an absolute joy to listen to, matching a powerful and dramatic stage presence. His vocal technique seems faultless; absolutely rock solid throughout the range with dark lower notes, strength in his middle register and thrilling top notes.”

– Limelight Magazine

“Kang Wang has a herculean voice for the ages, striding through his arias with a rare ease and sheen.”

– The Australian

“Kang Wang has a superb, powerful tenor, the colour of polished bronze, which can ride over anything that Verdi can throuw at it.”

– Australian Stage

“And what an Alfredo. The heartfelt, golden tone pouring out of Kang Wang was enough to explain Violetta’s adoring him.”

– Q News

“As her lover Alfredo, Kang Wang has one of the finest tenor voices we have heard in recent years. It is a beautiful, seemingly effortless lyrics tenor with crystal-clear delivery, faultless technique and superb top notes. “

– Limelight Magazine

“Kang Wang, making his company début, was a revelation as Rodolfo. It’s little wonder that this young Australian tenor, born in China to opera-singer parents, is turning heads around the world. Singing and acting with extraordinary freedom and poise, he was a most plausible poet and lover. ‘Che gelida manina’ – clearly Wang’s kind of music – revealed a thrilling tenor, with real ping at the top, but there is also a pleasing baritonal quality to this arresting voice. Opera Australia may have just found its next real thing.”

– Australian Book Reviews

“Kang Wang’s full lyric tenor suited with Requiem perfectly, bringing Verdi’s operatic style to the religious work. His Ingemisco emanated from the stage with exquisite legato and tasteful phrasing. His trio with Pancella and bass Michael Dean in the Lux aeterna wove a wonderful web of somber melancholy.”

– Eugene Scene

“Opera North debutant Kang Wang, as Tamino, impresses immediately with the contrasting fevered dread and love-struck lyricism of his opening arias, delivered with dramatic authority and musicality. As a Mozartian hero, his portrayal carries a special charge throughout.”

– The State of Hearts UK

“Kang Wang was one of the main prize finalists in the Cardiff Singer of the World in 2017 and it’s easy to see and hear why in playing the role of Alfredo. There is an exceptional quality in his voice and while there is clearly power and control, he exhibits a soft tenderness in many of the intimate sections. In many of the quieter passages he is capable of judging perfectly the volume needed to express his character’s emotional state against the needs of clarity for his audience. Listening to him you feel certain that his talent and tone are very special, which, alongside his acting ability here, made for a very convincing portrayal of his character.”

– Behind the Arras

“Young Australian-Chinese tenor Kang Wang was a finalist in the Cardiff Singer of the World last year. His range is delivered smoothly throughout, especially across the break, and there is an admirable warmth of tone in his quieter passages as the love-sick Alfredo. This is a voice which will be welcome in the world’s great opera houses for many years to come.”

– Express and Star

“Kang Wang, another newcomer to the company, accomplished what tenors in the role of Don Ottavio rarely do – he gave the audience a believable understanding of why he was the grand Donna Anna’s fiancé. Usually the character comes across as a bit of a milksop, trailing in the formidable lady’s wake for no obvious reason, but he sang and acted the part in a manner that conveyed a strength that frequently is lost. In a spot or two his phrasing was not of the smoothest, but seeing this role in the hands of a singer who could make something of the part was such a refreshing change that it didn’t much matter.”

– onStage Pittsburgh

“The entire cast is worthy of kudos, but the leading roles are played by the best in opera today. Kang Wang who dazzled Austin audiences in LA BOHEMÈ last season returns to play the playboy Duke with his gorgeous tenor and depth of character. He takes the iconic “La donna è mobile” from frivolous to haunting in the final act.”

– Broadway World